Amazing PR

Amazing PR

“The amazing JADU luxury tea”.
JADU Tea | The Tea Time Eatery

The Tea Time Eatery

“Light, refreshing and easy to drink and would make an excellent pick me up any time of day”.

Morning Advertiser

“Speciality & Fine Food Fair: all you need to know about September’s show”.

Healthy Magazine

“7 things you didn’t know about your cup of tea”.



“The Roiboos Crème Brulee, smells absolutely amazing. Sometimes when I’ve got a strong craving for dessert I’ll have this tea because I can enjoy the flavour of Crème brulee without any of the calories!”
JADU Tea | Fashion Insight

Fashion Insight

The Luxurious Tea Brand “JADU Tea London”.
JADU Tea |Wrap  Your  Lips  Around  This

Wrap Your Lips Around This

“Perfect for an indulgent gift for a loved one or treat for yourself”.

Tasting Britain

“Exclusive interview of the Managing Director”.

Time for Tea?

English Breakfast by JADU Tea London.“ Delicate yet strong , smooth and rich”.

JADU Tea |Brew What You Love

Brew What You Love

Their packaging is awesome!!!!!!, I highly recommend it!”

Cuppa Coasters

“It feels like an Earl Grey kinda day… Looking luxurious, Jadu Tea fits the bill with their Mademoiselle Grey (Great Taste Award 2015). The taste is your classic earl, with delicate hints of orange”.

Wrap Your Lips Around This

“The leaves are treated with respect, judiciously and carefully cut and dried, so that when you steep them they bloom and slowly release their aroma.They are packaged in smart velveteen boxes of midnight blue, with a lustrous gloss that alludes to the luxury of the product within”.

The Tea Witch

“I really, really, REALLY wanted to love this tea, as Jadu have been so adorably generous that it would be rude not to. But, whilst a part of me liked the refreshing taste of White Mango Lime, the combination of very bold flavours tasted like Kim Kardashian and Caitlin Jenner fighting over the last special edition Louis Vuitton bodycon dress in Harvey Nicks: overpowering, loud and more than a little bit confusing”.

25 Favourite Food Crafters & Products at the Specialty & Fine Food Fair 2015

From China to The World

Scribble Sparkle Shine

“The packaging can only be described as exquisite, from the gold inlay on the suede navy box, to the gold embossed label on the tissue paper. You know you are unwrapping something special”.


“The leaves brew a deep amber color liquor that has a nutty and mildly sweet aroma. The tea is quite good tasting and well balanced with malty richness, oaky undertone and a refreshing astringency. It’s smooth mouthfeel, unmarred by bitter notes, leaves a nice lingering toasty aftertaste”.

JADU Tea Rooibos Crème Brulee