About Us

Online Luxury Tea Brand

JADU Tea London is an independent Global Luxury Tea Brand based in the UK. ‘JADU’ is ‘magic’ in ancient Sanskrit and our mission is to conjure a little magic through the exploration of the enchanting and spellbinding world of tea. Our young team has a deep passion and enthusiastic commitment to reveal and celebrate the charm and allure of tea as a beneficial healthful beverage. ‘JADU’ encompasses the emotion and spirit of both the team and the teas.

Our aim is to offer high quality, luxury gift teas that bring a sense of indulgence and satisfaction to every single one of our customers.

After a year of research, of visiting tea plantations around the world, of exploring countless tea stores, the JADU tea brand was born. And today, the products we have created have magic in them - from the logo to the box, from the blends to the generous pyramid teabags.

Our tea collection is exclusively created and blended by the best UK Tea Blenders and the High Quality Whole Leaf Tea is sourced from trusted Tea Suppliers, who use only Orthodox methods of tea production. JADU is the most elegant luxury gift tea hand packed in the UK.


Jadu Box

Using our magic wand, we have devised packaging that is classy and elegant, luxurious and fashionable, innovative and reusable.

To begin our revolution in gift tea, we focused on each individual element of the perfect box - materials, dimensions, colours and convenience. Our ground-breaking, sophisticated gift box is made using the most advanced methods of cutting, curling and gluing, and the sumptuous navy blue Royal Suede is embossed in gold with our logo. The label is clear and precise, giving all the information our customers require.

We share our passion with you with this unique, elegant, classic, charismatic, and luxury gift - the JADU BOX

JADU Blends

Explore the world of tea with us! We offer a range of teas that take you on a journey across the globe. Our teas are sourced from China, India, Sri Lanka and Africa, our herbs and fruits reach us from Europe, and the magic of blending and packing takes place in the UK.


Our wide offering of exquisite blends ranges from traditional English Breakfast to elegant Vanilla Rose Green and Woodland Fruit. Each blend is unique and handcrafted by the most experienced UK blenders, who worked for 4 months to create these outstanding blends. Each tea, flavour, fruit is handled with great care in order to cherish and retain its individual character and fragrance, and even the most traditional blends are infused with a unique identity, as with our new MADEMOISELLE GREY and CALMING CHAMOMILE.

We have created a new world of truly healthy herbal infusions to lift the spirit and satisfy the body. The variety of our blends make JADU a one-stop destination for tea lovers who can choose from black, white, green, oolong, herbal, fruit, & rooibos blends. JADU Teas can be served cold or hot, with milk or without, with sweeteners, lemon or fruits. Let your imagination float free and fulfil your desire for the perfect tea.

Our special, spacious JADU whole leaf teabags will tempt your taste buds, flirt with your senses, and offer you delicious aromas and flavours. Let your tea journey begin with us at JADU. We offer you teas and infusions for all seasons - from the chilly snows of Scotland to the shimmering sun of St.Ives – and blends to suit any mood at any time of any day.