Monthly Archives: June 2016

JADU COCKTAILS – A Single Shade of Grey
Truffle Brulee Martini

A SINGLE SHADE OF GREY • 50ml No.3 Gin • 20ml Jadu Mademoiselle Grey & honey syrup* • 15ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice • 2 Lavender sprigs Directions: Brew the JADU Mademoiselle Grey tea as per the instructions on the packet. While still hot dissolve 2 bar spoons locally bought honey and 50g caster sugar and leave to cool. Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker (including 1 lavender sprig) filled with cubed ice and shake hard. Fine strain over freshly cubed ice and garnish with a lavender sprig. TRUFFLE BRULEE MARTINI • 40ml Black Moth Truffle Vodka • 20ml Jadu Rooibos Creme Brûlée syrup* • 30ml Cream Directions: Brew […]

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