Monthly Archives: November 2015


With Christmas just around the corner, everyone is in a rush to buy appropriate and tasteful gifts for their friends and families to make the festive season more special and worth remembering for everyone around them. While a lot has changed about the way we now celebrate Christmas, buying gifts for our loved ones is a tradition that we hold very dear to our hearts and try to do our best when it comes to Christmas gifts shopping. Owing to our busy schedules, most of the people today find Christmas shopping to be too much hassle and prefer ways to get over with it quickly while making sure that they […]

Give a Deliciously Unforgettable Christmas Gift this Holiday Season with Luxury Tea from JADU!

When it comes to giving gifts at your company Christmas party, or really surprising your friends and family during the holiday season with something they’ll love, you want to find something that’s memorable, fun and unique. At JADU Tea, we can help you make the spirit of Christmas burn that much brighter for everyone in your life with our unique collection of delightful, high-quality tea blends and herbal infusions. Our luxury teas come in a wide variety of savory tastes and flavors, so you can mix and match them to perfectly fit your gift recipient! And because they come packaged in an adorable square box, you can put a bow […]

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